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 Notes for AutoCat 1.x Users
AutoCat 2 and 3 is free for you.
You need to ask us another registration number.
You can delete the old AutoCat control panel.

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 Version History
AutoCat 3.0.8
Fixed -50 error (volume couldn't be put away) on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.
AutoCat 3.0.7
Fixed -50 error (volume couldn't be put away) on Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar.
AutoCat 3.0.6
Fixed minor cosmetic problems under Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar.
AutoCat 3.0.5
Fixed a bug under Mac OS 9 that prevented AutoCat to catalog the content of certain subfolders.
AutoCat 3.0.4
Added support for long Unicode filenames on Mac OS X.
AutoCat 3.0.3
Fixed some problems with StuffIt archives, and updated to StuffItEngineLib 6.5.1.
Minor changes and corrections.
AutoCat 3.0.2
Preferences were not created correctly.
'Catalog comments' deactivated on Mac OS X (didn't work).
Minor changes and corrections.
AutoCat 3.0.1
Fixed the #48 error (due to invisible "Icon" files).
Allocated more memory to AutoCat (Mac OS 9).
Items counter now in international number format.
AutoCat 3.0
First version for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib.
AutoCat 2.9.3
Added a counter of items.
Fixed a problem with progress bars.
Minor changes and corrections.
AutoCat 2.9.2
Mac OS X packages are now correctly cataloged.
Minor changes and corrections.
AutoCat 2.9.1
Minor changes and corrections.
Released at the same time as AutoCat 2.9.1 X beta.
AutoCat 2.9
'Copy small files' option.
Improved user interface.
AutoCat 2.8.2
The 'not enough room' bug was still there...
AutoCat 2.8.1
AutoCat sometimes incorrectly reported that there is not enough room to catalog.
AutoCat 2.8
New website and email addresses
Autocat now come with an installer.
Internal changes for Mac OS X compatibility in the future.
AutoCat 2.7
Compatibility with StuffIt archives on MacOS 9.
AutoCat 2.6
'Catalog comments' option.
AutoCat 2.5
AutoCat can catalog individual folders.
Option key forces AutoCat to catalog a disk/folder.
AutoCat 2.4
'Catalog Custom Icons' option.
AutoCat 2.3
'Eject after cataloging' option.
'Autoscan when inserted' option.
AutoCat 2.2
AutoCat now supports new StuffIt 5.x archives.
AutoCat 2.1
AutoCat no longer stops when it encounters corrupted StuffIt archives, it just marks them as corrupted and continues cataloging.
There is now an optionnal smart progress bar, allowing you to seehow long the cataloging process is taking.

"Small is beautiful."
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

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