Olivier Lebra

San Diego, California


    Software Engineer with 20 years of industry experience in delivering various high-quality web applications and services, scaling from thousands to hundreds of millions users. Fast learner getting things done quickly, reliably and elegantly, integrating projects across teams into harmonious products that "just work".

Work Experience

Evernote - San Diego, California December 2016 to now
Senior Software Engineer

CoStar Group - San Diego, California May 2015 to December 2016
Senior Software Engineer
  • Implemented a dynamically adjustable geospatial autocomplete search engine for millions of real estate entities using Solr, Java, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server. The sort order based on distance, rent availability and property types is dynamically configurable by product managers via an AngularJS web app. This search engine is the public entry point to most CoStar products, such as apartments.com.
  • Developed a real time recommendation engine for rentals using the Neo4j graph database. The internal web app that I initially designed to visualize and debug this data is so useful that it's also used by sales to demo CoStar capabilities to customers.

NTENT - San Diego, California October 2014 to May 2015
Senior Software Engineer
  • Contributed REST services for semantic search and recommendation engines; back end, middle tier, and front end for an ontology translation web tool. Apache, Tomcat, Java, Neo4j graph database, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap.

Yahoo - San Diego, California October 2013 to October 2014
Senior Software Engineer
  • Part of the Messenger middle tier team. REST and SMS services, file sharing, using HTTP, Apache web and traffic servers, PHP, Zend, C++, Java, MySQL. Maintained complex distributed legacy code, ported it to the latest platform packages from FreeBSD 32-bit to RHEL 64-bit, Apache modules 1 to 2, etc. Improved the performance of some APIs under load by a factor of 2. Designed, implemented and iterated over new functionalities, kept this highly asynchronous architecture easily traceable (with the help of Splunk) from smart or SMS clients through caches to backend storage. Did some SE work, setting up boxes from scratch.

Shazam - San Diego, California August 2012 to September 2013
Software Engineer
  • Part of the TV and ads team, creating ubiquitous as well as custom templatized synchronized 2nd screen experiences. REST services and HTML5 UIs using HTTP, Apache, PHP, Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Perl, UNIX scripts. Created small projects and built servers from A to Z.

Yahoo - San Diego, California July 2007 to July 2012
Software Sys Dev Eng, Sr
  • Part of the Mail front-end team. High performance JavaScript, PHP, HTTP.
  • Part of the Mail web services open APIs team, connecting 1/3+ billion users with "unlimited" storage, glueing most of Mail components from front-ends to back-ends together.
    • Contributed to several Mail open APIs (very large-scale mashup deployed on 5,000 servers using HTTP, Apache, PHP, Zend, C++, Java, Perl, Unix scripts - 4 billion requests a day)
    • Owned distributed cache integration and client library development for external social data, mail unseen message counter, etc. (C++, Zend - 7 billion requests a day)
    • Inherited and owned thumbnail cache proxies and servers (Apache, Perl, MySQL)
    • Owned Mail APIs OAuth integration (HTTP, Apache, SDK sample code)
    • Investigated and fixed, sometimes while on call, tricky production issues (cores, performance, memory,...) and customer issues (corruption, integration,...)
    • Was involved in numerous cross team projects such as a streaming HTTP client connecting IMAP components to stores, rewriting in Java legacy C++ code, exposing APIs to 3rd party developers, etc.

Convera - Montréal, Canada / Carlsbad, California May 2004 to June 2007
Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed and programmed a flexible entity extractor, a rule-based XML "blender", a logging and real-time monitoring server, highly scalable web services and APIs for a semantic web search engine. Java, J2EE, JSP, REST, XML, MySQL, LDAP on Eclipse with Ant, Subversion and CruiseControl with deployments on Apache, JBoss and Tomcat. Maintained UNIX and Ant deployment scripts for back-end infrastructure as well as SDKs.

Andromed - Montréal, Canada May 2002 to May 2004
Senior Software Engineer
  • Real-time home telemonitoring medical system (early stages). Solaris 8, Oracle 9i. Java, J2EE, XML.
  • Web application managing surveys. Microsoft ASP and Oracle 8i.

Compuware - Montréal, Canada January 2000 to May 2002
Software Team Leader (6 to 8 programmers)
  • Simultaneously managed several intranet and custom content management web projects, including a $300,000 project achieved in 6 weeks. Microsoft ASP, ColdFusion, BEA Weblogic, Java J2EE, SQL Server.

Technomedia - Montréal, Canada April 1999 to January 2000
Software Engineer
  • Intranet for human resources and online learning for Bell Canada. ColdFusion, Oracle, and SQL Server.

SQLi - Lyon, France January 1998 to April 1999
Software Engineer
  • Designed, developed, and optimized in PL/SQL and Perl with Oracle Application Server the first intranet for Elf. Oracle database under Digital UNIX containing millions of scientific entries.

DGA - Centre d'Essai de la Méditerranée (CEM) - Ile du Levant, France October 1996 to September 1997
Software Engineer (national service)
  • Developed a GUI in C under OSF/MOTIF (Silicon Graphics IRIX) for tracking missiles during military tests.

IBM - La Gaude, France June 1995 to September 1995
Software Engineer (internship)
  • Designed and developed in C++ on OS/2 an intuitive real-time multitasking debugger of switch cards.

More Experience


INSA - Lyon Scientific and Technical University (French "Grande Ecole"), France 1996

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