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Iron Maiden, D-A-D, and more wallpapers

Tha hairy authors

Wanna see who is behind The Hairy? Autoportrait by Olier…

Marko’s ilustrations for plumalhon and pika

Marko's illustrations

Illustrations by Marko for Plumalhon and Pika magazines.

Just One More Thing is a new collective blog dedicated to Apple and Mac stuff. security hole

Last week-end, I’ve discovered a security hole at pssst!, a small Quebecois forum. The comments appear on the same page as the submission fields (post, username, password), and you can (well, you could) put whatever you want in the comments, including Javascript. So I’ve hidden in a comment a script that installed an event triggered by the Submit button that sends to my server the username and password posted, and I got all the usernames/passwords of people who posted after my comment. It was not a very technical hack but nobody thought about it before me.! logo

Logo for by Hans. It’s a site that allows you to shrink those long URLs. (Was, but the webmaster forgot to renew the domain…)

Illustrations for puzzles by olier


Olier has made illustrations for puzzles for kids: Buzuk, Buzuk and the old oak, Eastern.


Festival des 3 cultures

HI , un dessin réalisé pour le festival des 3 cultures !

Basque, Occitane et Corse.

More »

Bravo Hans

Une petite image pour féliciter Hans de sa récente réussite oldfieldienne… More »



La couverture du prochain Kantaléon, en exclusivité sur KEBAWE.

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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