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Rammstein wallpapers

PC88 battery replacement

PC88 screwsPffew! Successfully replaced the battery inside my faithful PC88 keyboard! Found the instructions on a newsgroup. The guy was not sure if it was a CR2032 battery, I can confirm it was. I can also confirm there were a lot of screws…

Maybe some people will see some shapes in this picture, just like stars in the sky. Am I a poet or what? They kind of look like bees too.

Paul Rand

What’s the link between ABC, IBM, UPS, and NeXT ?

It’s the same person who designed their logo : Paul Rand.


I don’t like very much the green he uses, but Steve Jobs gave him a hug.

Hans – The Allan-wannabe

I fell in love with Allan’s first mohawk… so… I decided to…

…get one for myself 🙂
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Erec et Enide

Erec et Enide, la nouvelle BD d’Olier, publiée par le magazine Arkéo Junior au rythme de 4 planches par mois.

Affiche 5ème printemps de la BD de Faumont

Angus est sur l’affiche du 5ème printemps de la BD de Faumont. Venez y retrouver Marko & Olier, ainsi que tous les personnages de l’Agence Barbare les 4 et 5 (?) avril 2004 et échanger une gnôle au bar du saloon, tenu par Maryline, la sémillante barmaid en peau de panthère… on /.

Not yet on the front page, but there is a little thread about on /.

Marko’s interview on aizu!

Marko is on the cover of aizu! Read the interview (basque). Traduction en français.

Oriental tunes playlist

I’m building a playlist of oriental tunes that are not really oriental tunes. Please help me to complete it! So far, I’ve got:
– China Girl, by David Bowie
– Souvenir de Chine, by Jean-Michel Jarre
– Big in Japan, by Alphaville
– The Tao of Love, by Vangelis

Marko’s illustration for Calendretas

Illustrations for El Tio

Marko’s illustration for Calendretas.

Marko’s illustrations for “El Tio”

Illustrations for El Tio

Marko’s illustrations for Plhumallou. “El Tio”, a popular tale.

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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