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PC88 battery replacement

PC88 screwsPffew! Successfully replaced the battery inside my faithful PC88 keyboard! Found the instructions on a newsgroup. The guy was not sure if it was a CR2032 battery, I can confirm it was. I can also confirm there were a lot of screws…

Maybe some people will see some shapes in this picture, just like stars in the sky. Am I a poet or what? They kind of look like bees too.

4 Responses

  1. Saam Gabbay Says:

    The PC88 internal battery (CR2032) can be replaced MUCH easier than in the previous posts, with far less screw removal and no ribbon disconnection.

    The top cover of the PC88 removes very easily! You can do this entire repair without even taking it off the stand.

    Unscrew the screws along the back seam of the PC88 (the intersection of the top and bottom casing). Also unscrew the two rear screws that keep the side caps attached to the keyboard (2 per side, 4 total).

    The top of the PC88 (where all the buttons and display are) is held in place by 2 strong clips that clip it to the side caps. While sitting at the keyboard as if playing it normally, push the metal top away from you until the top slides off the clips. If you need more wiggle room, you can unscrew a couple more of the side-cap screws (the ones on the bottom of the case) to give you more play.

    The top will then slide off and you can flip it over like the hood of a car to replace your battery. No dealing with dozens of screws, disconnected ribbons or unscrewed controllers.

    To put it back together, slide the top cover back onto the clips and screw everything back.


  2. The Great Bow Says:

    I reviewed your post on the battery replacement on a KURZWEIL PC88. It souunded like some people have experienced more difficulty opening and removing the “hood” than others.
    I followed the directions to a T and had no luck opening the hood. After some very careful prying I found that on my unit not only must you remove the row of screws on the rear panel below the input jacks ect. and the screw on either end that help attach the end caps but on my unit serial#419509008446 you must also flip the unit over and remove a staggered row of screws approx 4″ from the rear panel these screws hold a stiffiner bar. this stiffiner bar is attached to the underside of the hood and will prohibit you from sliding the hood away from you in the seated (playing) position.

    There is a ribbon cable that attaches the hood to the main unit ,there was a lot of extra cable that was taped down to the bottom of the unit . once I lifted the tape I had no problem flipping the hood over to allow access to the battery. There were 16+ screws and I was quite puzzled at first but it really ended up being a simple job.

    A comment, why would anyone by design make it such a challenging puzzele to change a battery, when the batteries loss of power cripples the unit. My thought on the subject, no common sense. Hope this can help someone.

  3. jon gone bananas Says:

    i think turning the earth’s magnetic field to alternating current is easier

  4. JRA Says:

    Neither approach (top or bottom entry) could possibly be accurately described with the the word “easy” ANYWHERE in the instructions. Epic fail for the designers of the body of the keyboard. Kudos to the quality of the sound. Thanks to the contributors on this site!!

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