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Hidden things in logos

A subliminal arrow in Lindon Leader’s FedEx logo…

FedEx logo

Can you spot what’s hidden in these Carrefour and Galeries Lafayette logos?

Carrefour logo

10 Responses

  1. sus Says:

    Is it a “C” within the arrow and the eifel tower for Lafayette?
    Smart Ideas.

  2. John Williams Says:

    the blue part of the logo looks like the tip of a fountain pen

  3. Jack Says:

    The Carrefour logo is or perhaps includes a letter C, which would be obvious if you put it against a black (or dark blue) background.

    The start of the Galleries Lafayette logo looks like a face, with the L as the nose, but I don’t know if that’s deliberate, or if it is what you mean πŸ˜‰

  4. Thierry Says:

    The 2 T of Lafayette draw the Tour Effeil.

  5. LBC Says:

    Very clever logos πŸ™‚
    I think the big C means (when you rotate it 90 degrees) a blue-face man with a red hat, or maybe just a 2 arrows
    And the eifel tower is in the Lafayette logo πŸ˜‰

  6. LBC Says:

    Or maybe its a face in the lafayette logo LOL

  7. LBC Says:

    BTW FedEx logo is really cool B)

  8. Victor Says:

    Fantastic! We didn’t mind it before!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    theres also a spoon in between the e and d in the FedEX logo for everyone that missed it >.>

  10. Carl Says:

    Here’s an example;take the world famous Virgin logo.If you turn it slighty to the left so that where the underline and tail of the g form an X,you’ll also notice the V forms a slightly hidden S and the i,r and part of the g form a broken capital E,spelling the word SEX. So you have Sex/Virgin in one word.Very clever Mr.Branson

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