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MP3 ID3 Tag Wishlist

  • Separate Year tags for composition and recording/performance
  • More precise Date than Year for live performances
  • Separate Year for a compilation album and its individual tracks
  • Classical catalogue number
  • Performers and Producers

2 Responses

  1. Macro Pheliac Says:

    Good idea, is this an idea for iTunes tagging system?

    First time commenting, but if you really are Steve Jobs, I’m sorry to announce that I’m not too flattered by the way you present yourself here; you don’t dive into your personal life with exception of musical tastes and a few software ideas.

    What I mean is, you’re worth more than I could ever imagine, and people are always anxious to know more about you, but you seem to be so brief and boxed-in, much like Hodgman (no offense to you, PC). I’m not asking to hear about the iPhone inside and out, or other inside news on Apple, Inc. , I’m anxious to know YOU more, the main mind behind a splendid brand..*ahem*I almost forgot Woz, who is quite open to people, which is a model you should take after.

    You’re a busy guy, but if you have enough time to blog, you have enough time to read and reply to this post.

    I shall return later, but not in a criticizing format.
    -Macro Pheliac

  2. Olivier Says:

    If my mind is ok, I’m not Steve Jobs.

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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