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Quality fast food in California

Thursday, August 9th, 2007 by Olivier

U.S. seems to only export McDonald’s but they actually have really good fast food places.
SanSai Japanese Grill   Panera Bread   Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Job History Illustrated

Thursday, June 28th, 2007 by Olivier

Olivier's job history

Republicans and Nordiques logos

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 by Olivier
GOP Nordiques de Québec
Republican Party Nordiques de Québec

Hidden things in logos

Friday, April 7th, 2006 by Olivier

A subliminal arrow in Lindon Leader’s FedEx logo…

FedEx logo

Can you spot what’s hidden in these Carrefour and Galeries Lafayette logos?

Carrefour logo

Paul Rand

Monday, April 5th, 2004 by Olivier

What’s the link between ABC, IBM, UPS, and NeXT ?

It’s the same person who designed their logo : Paul Rand.


I don’t like very much the green he uses, but Steve Jobs gave him a hug. logo and design

Sunday, June 1st, 2003 by Olivier

Logo and design of by Hans and Olivier. It’s a site that allows you to shrink those long URLs.! logo

Tuesday, July 9th, 2002 by Olivier

Logo for by Hans. It’s a site that allows you to shrink those long URLs. (Was, but the webmaster forgot to renew the domain…)

New Logos section

Monday, February 25th, 2002 by Olivier

One of our logos

New logos section in our graphics section.

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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