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Hairy, by Marko & Olier

MP3 ID3 Tag Wishlist

  • Separate Year tags for composition and recording/performance
  • More precise Date than Year for live performances
  • Separate Year for a compilation album and its individual tracks
  • Classical catalogue number
  • Performers and Producers

Track times

The shortest music track in my library: Introduction to Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, op. 43, by Rachmaninoff: 7 seconds.

And the longest: Amarok by Mike Oldfield: 1 hour. (Note that a section of Amarok is called Rachmaninoff.)

While you can download Amarok for 99 cents, Rachmaninoff might look more popular on… These 2 guys don’t take the time into account…

Republicans and Nordiques logos

GOP Nordiques de Québec
Republican Party Nordiques de Québec


Atari Pong joystick Intellivision iPod


Hockey RefereesMacarena

Hockey referee or Macarena dancer?


Magnesium Cube.jpg Titanium PowerBook Aluminium MacBook Pro Aluminium Mac Pro
Magnesium Titanium Aluminium next?

Update: DamienG is more voluble. Berylium, anyone?

iTunes features wishlist

iPod+iTunes continuous play: When your iPod is playing and you plug it, it stops and iTunes continues to play the same song (unless iTunes was already playing something). In the other way too: when you unplug an iPod, it continues to play what iTunes was playing. Speaking of iTunes, can we expect an iTunes Pro?

Update: Apple TV, released March 20, does it for paused movies.

Update 2: iTunes Plus, introduced May 30.

Update 3: iOS 8 Continuity

Olof Näslund – Vol. 1

Tip of the day (week? month?): the first proper CD album from composer Olof Näslund, Vol. 1, will be released on March 2.

Olof Näslund - Vol. 1

Order your copy from! Also, don’t forget to check out the official MySpace and listen to some great music.

Marko & Asisko interview on EiTB

Friends & Chips

Watch Marko & Asisko’s interview and see them in action in this report broadcasted on Spanish & Basque TV about a forthcoming 29-episode series.

Samurais of modern times

Le samouraï Ronin Ghost Dog Kill Bill

Help me complete!

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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