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Tired of those yellow smilies and boring emoticons? Here are the smellies, Kebawe's version of the smileys. These little creatures can be really cute but unfortunately fart a lot.

Feel free to use the smellies on your IM software (ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN, AIM, etc.), or if you are a webmaster on your website, your forum, or your blog, but please credit us with a link to You can also use them on forums and blogs you post to by linking to the images here. Thanks to the smellies' strong odor, we'll find those who didn't credit us and curse them forever.

Click on a smellie below to get the code to use them in most of forums. Just copy/paste the code in the box below into your message.

Smellie Text Smellie Text
Smile :-) :) :smile: Jump :jump:
Wink ;-) ;) :wink: Group Jump :groupjump:
Sad :-( :( :sad: Bubble :bubble:
LOL :-D :D :lol: Boom :boom:
Sick +o( :sick: Cry :'-(
Drunk :*) :drunk: Basque :skeub:
Angry :-@ :@ :angry: Breton :tonbreu:
Chinese :chinese: Englishman :englishman:
Chinese :sioux: Spiderman :spiderman:
Cool 8) Batman :batman:
Oooh 8-0 Pfff :pfff:
Embarassed :-$ :$ :-? :? :oops: Pooh :pooh:
Sleepy |-) Fear :80
Tongue Out :-P :P Love (L) (l) :love:
Evil ]:-)> Spit :spit:
Fuming Mad ~:-( Yukspit :yukspit:
Fire :fire: Splash :splash:
Happy Jump :happyjump: Whistle 8:' :whistle:
Pirate :pirate: Yell :yell:
Veuze :veuze: Frightening :frighten:
Veuze, smiling :veuzelol: Kiss :kiss:
Mad :mad:    
Fart :fart:
Whizz :whizz:

Designed by Marko


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