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Iron Maiden, D-A-D, and more wallpapers

Marko & Olier trailer for Les Godillots

Preorder Marko & Olier’s Les Godillots at

One Drawing A Day by Marko

Marko’s new project: One Drawing A Day

Evolution of scores

Brief history of dynamic indications in music:

Mozart Erik Satie Pop/Rock
pianissimo” “crescendo” … enfouissez le son” “encore plus barbant si possible” “évitez toute exaltation sacrilège” … A score?

Pink Floyd

A photo taken in the amazing Georges Pompidou museum for modern art in Paris, reminds me of Pink Floyd artwork.

Pink Floyd

Concert Audiences Comparison

Guess which audience attended a rock concert, a classical concert, and a jazz concert…
audience I
audience II
audience III

Solution: qɯnᴎ ʎʃqɐʇɹoɟɯoↃ pʎoʃℲ ʞuıԀ ˙III – ǝɔuɐıpɐᴚ ʇʇǝɹɹɐſ ɥʇıǝ⋊ ˙II – oʇɹǝɔuoↃ ʎʞsʍoʞıɐɥɔ⊥ ɥɔıɹǝƃɹ∀ ɐɥʇɹɐW ˙I

Used MP3s

In ancient times, when we were embarrassed by a CD that we bought when our taste was not yet fully developed, we could sell it and enjoy being wiser and richer (waiting for God to end our life before we have a chance to become wiser with an even more perfect taste than him).

Is there a market for used MP3s? Could iTunes and Amazon let us sell MP3s on their platform and get a commission? It would be profitable if people buy twice more when they know they can resell.

Giscard d’Estaing / Biden

“Vous n’avez pas le monopole du cœur.” – Valery Giscard d’Estaing, 1974

“No one party has a monopoly on virtue or good ideas.” – Joe Biden, 2008

Painting vs Programming

Painting Programming
Sketching Prototyping
Painting Programming
Varnishing beta
  ad nauseam…

USA/France comparison

USA France
simple & powerful (e.g. computers) subtle (e.g. wine)

Categorizing Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield‘s last album, Music of the Spheres, is #1 at in the following categories:

  • New Age
  • Classical
  • Progressive Electronic

New age, classical, progressive at the same time, well, ok, but electronic? The microphones are electronic but the instruments are 100% all natural organic.

Sorry, we had to shut down, the original fake Steve Jobs' blog. Please beware of tasteless clones. Seriously.

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